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The Benefits of Providing a Weekly Massage Service for Your Office

Providing a weekly massage therapy service for your employees might sound like an odd idea, but it's actually a move that's likely to pay off. Here are just a few reasons why you should think about taking advantage of such a service.

Kicks Stress Aside

Stress reduction is one of the most obvious benefits of a massage, and the value of that benefit within the workplace has been scientifically demonstrated. One research team tested sixty nurses (selected due to their high-stress work environment) during a five week study, giving one group a 15 minute massage once a week.

They were then tested for both psychological and physiological stress factors. At the end of the study, it was suggested that massage therapy is a beneficial tool for reducing workplace stress.

A Pain-Free Office

It has been predicted that around 80 percent of Australians will suffer from back pain at some point during their lives and that 10 percent will even experience a significant disability as a result. In an era when most people spend the working day sitting at a desk while hunched over a computer, it should come as no surprise that many office workers experience this problem.

Many companies spend thousands on the latest ergonomic chairs, but a massage can also be beneficial. An experienced masseuse will relieve the strain from an employee's neck, shoulders and upper back, preventing the muscle pain often caused by prolonged sitting.

Space to Breathe

Working for hours without taking a break is never going to produce the most focused or productive employees. Providing plenty of breaks is a great way to keep everyone alert, but you can take that one step further by providing an occasional massage session.

Instead of using their break to chat to co-workers or have a snack, your employees will be able to relax in silence as they are massaged. When they return to work, they'll feel like they've had a real chance to unwind.

A Sense of Appreciation

Providing a weekly massage is a great investment in your business because it actually helps your employees to work; however, it's also a perfect way of showing them that you value their input.

Even the most enjoyable office environment will feel like a depressing place to work if your employees don't feel like they are appreciated, while providing treats like a massage service will make them far more motivated to perform at the top of their game.