Recovering from injury

Is It Time to Ask Your Doctor About Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can be of great benefit to anyone, but especially for those who are very active and who might play a sport regularly or for those who work out and lift weights. This type of therapy targets certain muscles and joints of the body, helping them to heal and even get stronger. If you've had surgery or have been diagnosed with arthritis or other such conditions, your doctor may have recommended you take a course of physiotherapy, but note when you might proactively approach your doctor and discuss this option with him or her.

Certain areas hurt for far too long

After working out, biking for a full day or playing your favourite sport, you might be stiff and sore for a day or two. However, if this stiffness, or any type of soreness, lasts for what you feel is far too long, if it seems very severe or if you notice it in one area of the body especially, it might be time to get physiotherapy. You may have been putting undue stress on that area of the body or may have caused damage to a certain joint or muscle group. You may now need the therapy sessions to build strength in that area so that muscles and joints can be used without pain and stiffness.

You wake up stiff and sore

You may not notice much soreness throughout the day but might wake up stiff and sore. This can happen if there are certain muscles that are working hard to compensate for the overuse of back muscles or shoulder muscles; throughout the day, other muscles in your legs and hips may work hard to support you, so you don't notice any particular stiffness. Once you go to sleep, these muscles relax, and those overworked back muscles then become very stiff, sore or downright painful when you wake up. Physiotherapy can pinpoint those overworked muscles and help them to relax, while also strengthening the other muscles of the back and shoulders so they won't be as stiff and sore.

You're losing strength in certain muscles

If you work out regularly, you should be gaining or at least maintaining muscle strength; if you notice that you seem to be getting weaker in certain areas of your body or are losing strength in your arms, legs and so on, you might need physiotherapy. This can help to pinpoint areas of overexertion while also helping to open up blood flow to those muscles and joints. This can help them to rebuild torn tissue and get stronger over time.