Heat vs. Ice Treatment: What's the Best Option for a Sports Injury?

Getting an injury while playing your favourite sport can be devastating. Not only do you have to stay off the field until you recover, but this can also slow down your progress in physical fitness. That's why you need to find all means possible to get fast relief and get back to the sporting activities. When most people get injured, the first thing that comes to mind is applying a hot compress or using ice to provide relief to the affected area.

Is It Time to Ask Your Doctor About Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can be of great benefit to anyone, but especially for those who are very active and who might play a sport regularly or for those who work out and lift weights. This type of therapy targets certain muscles and joints of the body, helping them to heal and even get stronger. If you've had surgery or have been diagnosed with arthritis or other such conditions, your doctor may have recommended you take a course of physiotherapy, but note when you might proactively approach your doctor and discuss this option with him or her.

Common Massage Techniques and How They Work

If you've been referred for massage as part of your physiotherapy, you might be wondering what to expect. Maybe you're wondering whether getting a massage can really help that much. While massage might seem simple enough to do yourself, it's actually a complex practice that requires years of training to become qualified. Practitioners will tailor their massage techniques according to your needs, creating a highly personalised treatment. To help you understand how this treatment works, we've listed some of the most common massage techniques below, along with full details on why they're so effective:

Fed Up With Plantar Fasciitis Pain? There's A Massage For That!

The amount of walking that is done at the end of each year is murder on your feet! Shopping for presents and loading the shopping cart full of yummy Christmas food treats are just two reasons why you take a lot more steps this time of year, and that intense pain you feel in your heels every morning could be a foot condition known as plantar fasciitis. However, never fear, a visit to a remedial massage therapist could make your feet sing with every step again in no time.

Physiotherapy for pelvic floor weakness

While weakness in the pelvic floor is commonly associated with women after childbirth, it can affect men and women in all groups. The root causes of a weak pelvic floor can include injury, heavy lifting with poor technique and ongoing straining on the toilet. Aging also leads to a general weakness in the pelvic floor. How do I know if I have pelvic floor weakness? Pelvic floor weakness can result in a range of symptoms for patients from constipation to incontinence, as well as a lack of sexual pleasure.

The Benefits of Providing a Weekly Massage Service for Your Office

Providing a weekly massage therapy service for your employees might sound like an odd idea, but it's actually a move that's likely to pay off. Here are just a few reasons why you should think about taking advantage of such a service. Kicks Stress Aside Stress reduction is one of the most obvious benefits of a massage, and the value of that benefit within the workplace has been scientifically demonstrated.