Is It Time to Ask Your Doctor About Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can be of great benefit to anyone, but especially for those who are very active and who might play a sport regularly or for those who work out and lift weights. This type of therapy targets certain muscles and joints of the body, helping them to heal and even get stronger. If you've had surgery or have been diagnosed with arthritis or other such conditions, your doctor may have recommended you take a course of physiotherapy, but note when you might proactively approach your doctor and discuss this option with him or her.

Common Massage Techniques and How They Work

If you've been referred for massage as part of your physiotherapy, you might be wondering what to expect. Maybe you're wondering whether getting a massage can really help that much. While massage might seem simple enough to do yourself, it's actually a complex practice that requires years of training to become qualified. Practitioners will tailor their massage techniques according to your needs, creating a highly personalised treatment. To help you understand how this treatment works, we've listed some of the most common massage techniques below, along with full details on why they're so effective: